About Us

Our History of Empowering Women

What began as a dream for three local women in 1986 has flourished into a decades-long commitment to women and families in the Unifour area. (Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba counties).

Women’s Resource Center was established to promote the overall well-being of women by focusing on their intellectual, psychological, spiritual and physical health. We received our 501c3 designation in 1987 and began our journey of empowering women to live their best lives.

Our dedication to improving the overall quality of women's lives remains as strong today as it did back when we began. Our support groups, programs and services continue to evolve and expand, responding to the diverse needs of our community.

We provide a warm, welcoming space for women who do not know where to turn for guidance in their time of need. We are a safe space to ask questions, have someone listen to your story without judgement, and receive the information and tools needed to strengthen your life. We also offer life enriching workshops and events for women regardless of their station in life. Bottom line, we are here for ALL women!

About Women’s Resource Center | Our History of Empowering Women

About Women’s Resource Center | Our History of Empowering Women

Values and Advocacy

Women’s Resource Center values a women’s right to:

  • Food and Shelter
  • Access to Healthcare
  • Physical and Emotional Safety
  • Workplace Equality
  • A Living Wage
  • A Voice in Policy
  • A Supportive Community

Annual Impact Report


  • 1,171 total resources and referrals provided
  • 402 women received direct support through resource coaching, mentoring, and goal planning
  • 769 women received resource information via the telephone
  • 195 additional household members totaling 597 lives were served through empowering these women, including children, spouses, and dependents
  • *3,759 pounds of personal hygiene and household cleaning products were provided from our Pantry with a Purpose Program.
  • $1,500 distributed in Womenade assistance grants (this was a new program that began in September 2020).  Click here to view our Womenade page

In 2020, the number of women needing Pantry with a Purpose assistance drastically increased due to the initial shutdown, and subsequent furloughs and job loss. Women’s Resource Center quickly adapted and modified how we operate to safely meet the changing needs of the women we serve. We will continue to be a resource for women throughout the remainder of this pandemic, and when the urgency has lifted, we will be here to help those who have been adversely affected pick up and move forward with their lives. Many women we work with live from paycheck to pay check, and an unexpected expense can throw them into a tailspin even in the absence of a global pandemic. Now more than ever, women in our community need the support of Women’s Resource Center to help guide them through life’s challenges.

*The amount of personal hygiene and household cleaning supplies distributed in 2020 was more than double what was distributed in 2019.  This is a direct response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and economic downturn.

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Michelle Morgan

Executive Director

Melanie Turner

Director of Programs

Belinda Crane-Isenhower

Accounting/Operations Manager

Board Members

Sarah Prencipe

2020 Board President
City of Hickory

DeDra Grant

Immediate Past President
Charleston Forge Furniture

Lorraine Morlok

Retired Educator

Mary Morrison

Catawba County Government

Lindsey Bowen

Star Snax

Tania Harper

Catawba County Public Health

Angela Patel

Retired RN, Full-time Mom

Deisy Zavala Vazquez

City of Hickory

Patti Moore